Committees Database

Planning Committee – Organizes all major events for the chapter including National Speakers and Annual Networking Event
Chair: Pat Riley

Golf Committee – Plans and organizes annual golf outing
Chair: Rich Yohe

Membership Committee -Educate prospects of the benefits of ASA Western PA & ASA National
Chair: Harry Anthony

Finance Committee – reviews financial decisions that are in the best interest of the chapter to be presented to the board
Chair: Jim Cunningham

By-Laws Committee – review the by-laws every two years or on an as needed basis
Chair: Frank Zottola

Meeting/Education Committee – plan for webinars and speakers on topics that are important to the membership
Chair: Jeff Burd

Legislative Committee – keep the membership informed of state legislation that affects the membership
Chair: Lisa Wampler

Scholarship Committee – provide scholarship opportunities to high school and trade school students, military, men and women looking to work in the trades with union and non-union companies
Chair: Bill Paul