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There are numerous benefits to membership in ASA of WPA. We invite you to read our mission statement and goals, below, which outline the many reasons why membership in ASA of WPA is enjoyable and rewarding. When you’re ready to join, simply click on Join ASA and follow the easy instructions. We look forward to meeting and working with you!

ASAWPA Mission Statement

The mission of the American Subcontractors Association of Western Pennsylvania is to improve the business environment in the construction industry through advocacy, communications, education and networking.


  1. Advocacy: Advocate to protect the rights of subcontractors and specialty trade contractors and improve the business environment in which they operate, before all branches of government and the construction industry.
  2. Communication: Increase communication with members, prospects and industry groups in a timely, focused, interactive and effective manner.
  3. Education: Provide business management education to subcontractors and specialty trade contractors.
  4. Networking: Provide a network for members to exchange information.
  5. Membership: Retain, increase and diversify membership.
  6. Management and Governance: Manage and govern the Association as an efficient, profitable and ongoing business entity.
  7. Scholarship: provide scholarship opportunities to high school and trade school students, military, men and women looking to work in the construction trades